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This study documented trends in America, the UK, Brazil China and India. They found a world wide trend of reduced physical activity driven by the use of technology.
It compared a person's workload through the metabolic equivalents of task, or MET, hours, defined as a ratio of a person's working metabolic rate to resting metabolic rate. The lower the value, the less physical exertion involved.Researchers project that trends in physical activity levels will decrease and sedentary time will increase by 2020 and 2030 if we continue at the rate we're going.


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Researchers found out that Twitter is more addictive than cigarettes by conducting surveys among people between ages 18-85. Facebook ruins self-esteem because it can lead to  self-destructive behaviour. Example: You scroll through your newsfeed and you see an exciting experience that your friend experienced. You would tend to feel down about your less-exciting life. Phones are also more important to people than hygiene. 40% of 514 Americans who were being posed this question would keep their phone instead of their toothbrush. Technology is really affecting our lifestyle and physical well-being day by day without people noticing it themselves.


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with technology everything is faster and "efficient". But were are replacing our cognitive skills (like memory) with cloud computing and lot.It has also shown that many tests have been conducted to see how radiation alters the every day bodily functions. Technology has made us very lazy and for one thing is a cause for some of the health problems we have today. g people who sit in front of computers, playing video games in their spare time, do not get exercise and do not socialize with people their age. Social isolation is not a good thing. In addition, in the age of texting and Twitter, people are losing their ability to write simple English sentences and to reason effectively.



We make use of technology a lot in the modern times, constantly at it, in school, work, and in everyday life as well. This article provides information and factors that can contribute to the negative impacts of technology on our physical well being. The first being vision, our eyesight worsens each time we fail to rest our eyes. Next, our ears are being affected as well. According to researchers, people turn up their music because they are unable to hear it clearly due to the surrounding noise. In the long run, our hearing might end up failing us and many complications might surface. Technology also allows workers to get more work done faster and much more efficiently, which also means they sit at their desks for longer periods of time. This can put strain not only on their eyes but on their necks and backs as well and poor posture follows.Lastly, it is proven, that the longer and more often you sit, health problems may develop and death occurs at a younger age.

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