Research Justification Report

How Does Technology Affect Our Physical Well Being 

Being in a technology based society, we are all prone to have a lack of physical activities. From observing polls found on the internet we have also saw that having PE or S&W lessons are not enough to battle the growing rate of childhood obesity in our society as seen in (

We are aiming to find out whether technology is distracting us from physical activities which may lead to a lazy lifestyle resulting in obesity.

All in all, we basically have technology at our fingertips. In class, the Learning-Device is our main source of information. Homework such as group projects or just plainly individual work is also done on the Learning-Device. Should we need to find out more information about a certain topic, we can always search online. We even make use of the Learning-Device to game or to surf the net. The Learning-Device is even used as our textbooks!

However, this also has a negative effect in the long run. Due to the increase exposure to such privileges, we tend to neglect physical activities nearly all together. In the past, where our childhood outdoor playing experiences were our idea of fun, now, it seems to be forgotten. Our idea of fun right now involves having internet connection and an electronic device.

 The side effects include deteriorating eyesight and fitness level. We eventually get lazier and lazier to even get out of the house for a morning jog or walk. Slowly, we might all end up succumbing to similar fates; becoming a Couch Potato. Surely we do not want that to happen, do we?

We have chosen this topic as this is an everyday battle which we face and we intend to find out more about this as knowing is half the battle won.

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