Our Project

Project: Investigation of student to student relationships in SST

Aim: To improve the relationships between students.

Subjects of Study: Relationships (eg. student-student or student-teacher)

Relevancy of Research:

Why is this research important?

1.It is important as improving relationships between students would enable them to work together better.

How does it contribute to the existing body of knowledge?

2. With SST students having better relationships among each other, we would be able to make SST a better school with a conducive environment. SST would also be known as a well reputed school with students with good conduct.

How does your research contribute/ impact the society or community?
3. Teachers would be able to carry out lessons more efficiently and quickly so that students will be able to catch up on the syllabus.

We can:
1. Gather data by doing group works, then surveys about how their views on each other have changed.

2. Sort out the data by each personal view and collate it by seeing the most common view.

3.  Present the data by the most common view about how one’s relationship with another has changed and the most effective way this is done.

1.  How are we going to analyse the data?
We are going to compare and to conclude how most pupils treat one another and hopefully come up with a solution.

2. How are we going to present the data?
We can present it via the google docs journal or we can also draw a pie chart to show the comparison of the percentage of pupils on how they treat one another

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