Discussion Of Findings

We have come to a conclusion that modern technological gadgets e.g. Laptops, smartphones do in fact, affect our physical well being.

Our results show that 67% of the students also find it hard to put away the electronic device.

66% of students use their electronic device for more than 2 hours.

56% of the students recognise and are worried about their eyesight deteriorating due to the excessive use of gadgets with screens.

33% of the students do not exercise on their own too and even if they do, it is only short periods of time

58% of students also use electronic devices due to boredom or to socialise

56% of students suggest that having a time plan would help in the balance between time spent on an electronic device and exercising.

Therefore, out findings concur with some of the findings and opinions as discussed in the articles we mentioned earlier. For example, technology affects our lifestyle and physical well-being due to prolonged period of use as well as causing deteriorating eyesights.

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