Task 1


Singapore has not enough land to collect and store rain water to cover our usages. In other words, it does not have it’s own water resource. Therefore our government has wisely found a way to solve and overcome Singapore’s water challenges. There are a few solutions that the government has come up with over the years. Such as building reservoirs. There are about seventeen reservoirs all over Singapore. One of the most common and important one is the Marina Barrage, it has three different functions. It creates a freshwater lake, is a tidal barrier to prevent flooding, and also keeps the water level in Singapore constant. Apart from reservoirs, Singapore also imports water from Malaysia, Johor Bahru. 

1. What is Singapore doing to solve the problems?
2. When did they start to address the situation?
3. Which solution is the best?
4. Have people been suffering from it before?



Many Singaporeans would wish to own a car as it provides easier access for transport instead of looking for the nearest bus stop or train station. But given the high price of the COE(certificate of entitlement) , is it still possible?

Recently, the prices of COE is about $70k, that's almost the price of the car itself. If you include the COE, it's like paying the price for 2 cars.

Compared to in 2007 when the prices were ranging between $14k to $18k. 
Judging from a person who earns $10k a month and save $9k of it for the car, it would take that person around 15-16 months to save that sum. But given the taxes and spendings of an average person, $1 000 is not enough. 


Student to student relationship

There are many reasons why students often get into fights. They sometimes act too aggressive and end up losing their temper. Sometimes out of anger, they may hurt innocent students whether in terms of physical or verbal actions. Some students who have stronger relationships between their peers could possibly help those students who have trouble managing their emotions. This will not only help strengthen relationships among their peers but the students who have trouble with their emotions will also learn how to work with students around them. Students who have stronger relationships with their friends also learn to work with different kinds of people in the school.

1. How do we strengthen the relationships among each other?
2. Are our relationships strong?
3.Do we care for each other?
4.Are there problems between our relationships?
5.How do we make use of our relationships to make this school a better place to study in?

Relationships between students and teachers are have different levels of friendliness, all of which I will list out.
  • The teacher's pet, this relationship is particularly formed when the teacher is new to the student, allowing that student to make a good and memorable impression on the teacher and that if that student succeeds in doing so, there will be a result of a fond relationship between the two and the teacher putting all kinds of small devious(to the other students) tasks on the responsibility of the student. 

  • The love-hate relationship, a relationship with much problems that make the two close to each other, these relationships are made particularly when the student does not do his homework and ends up with punishments which eventually becomes a routine and the daily get togethers between the student and the teacher start to blend in with the flurry of activity in their lives, making them hate each other but at the same time, feel that they cannot live without one another.

  • The Good example, failed attempts to become the Teachers pet result in the student striving to get attention from the teacher, which results in excellence of studies and being made an example to love-hate relationship students and  students who just don't try, if the teacher's pet doesn't keep up he would most probably lose his position to the Good example.

  • The give up on everything, the student which doesn't bother to do anything, the teacher after getting to know this particular group of students would try not to bother to much about them but once in a while their sense of responsibility takes over and they try to encourage the student but gives up soon and regrets wasting their energy on that student, the student in particular tries once in a while to keep up with the lesson but after realising that he has missed too much to be able to keep up he gives up again.

  • The silent one, these particular group of students stay silent during lessons and keeps on with all lessons, but once in a while they pop a question in which the teacher is surprised to see the student say something.

Qualities Of Good Questions

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